Code of Conduct

As with many Open Source projects, and the greater FLOSS community, the Data Practices community is comprised of a diverse group of contributors and consumers from around the globe. We find the contributions, collaborations, and mentorships within our community to be the essential lifeblood of our project and appreciate the efforts of those who participate to nurture and grow those, and all other aspects of our community.

However, when a large and sufficiently diverse group of people work together, there are often cultural, communication, and compatibility issues. In order to minimize conflict, and provide a framework for resolution, we have a brief code of conduct that we ask all participants in the Data Practices community adhere to. These rules should apply to everyone, regardless of station within the community, and anyone can serve to remind, or ask the Steering Committee to help resolve issues.

No list is ever exhaustive, so we encourage members of the Data Practices community to adhere to the spirit, rather than the letter, of this code, as that is how it will be enforced. Places where this code may be particularly applicable are real-time chat, mailing lists, events, conferences, meetups, online events, and other direct interactions within the community. Any violations, especially continued or flagrant offenses, may impact an individual’s (or organization’s) ability to participate within the Data Practices community.

If you feel that someone is in violation of the code of conduct, whether in letter or in spirit, we request that you email as detailed a description as possible of the offense and offending party/parties to If you have questions, concerns, or any other inquiries please feel free to contact any member of the Steering Committee directly..



Except in flagrant or otherwise egregious cases, the first infraction will result in a verbal warning. Everyone slips up or acts out of frustration at times, we just ask that you work to not repeat the behavior. A second infraction (or more flagrant first offense, as determined by the Steering Committee) will have an anonymized summary of the interaction sent to the mailing list as a way to educate the community and serve as a reminder that adverse behavior will not be tolerated. A third infraction (or especially egregious first offense, as determined by the Steering Committee) will result in temporary suspension from all avenues of Data Practices community participation for 4 weeks. This will include, but is not limited to, real-time chat, mailing lists, Data Pracitces events, online events, and partner events. Continued infractions will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis, but could result in permanent suspension from the Data Practices community.